MicroConf Europe 2014 – Hub

This page is the central ressource for (almost) everything that happened and came out of MicroConf Europe 2014. You will find all the notes I took during the conference as well as blog posts, videos, slides or podcasts from attendees covering MicroConf Europe 2014. I sincerely hope that this is of some value to you – enjoy & execute!

Notes on the Talks


Blog Posts Relating To MicroConf Europe 2014

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LinksSpy.com – Monthly Income Report September 2014

Welcome to the second installment of my monthly income report. I nearly quit this after I realized what a horrible mistake I had made with the first income report. I triumphantly announced having doubled my monthly recurring revenue (MRR) - when in … [Continue reading]

LinksSpy.com – Monthly Income Report August 2014

I wondered for a long time whether I wanted to share my income publicly. I have done it in the past - either on the podcast I am co-hosting or in the Micropreneur Academy. But these places are either a closed community (the Academy) or no one really … [Continue reading]

How I launched to $190 in Monthly Recurring Revenue

Prelaunch Squeeze Page for LinksSpy.com

This is the tale of how I launched LinksSpy.com. I wrote it both to get a few thoughts off my mind and to give a counterpoint to articles like this one from RivalFox. I don't want to be negative about RivalFox's achievement: Those guys rock and they … [Continue reading]

What You Can Learn From MicroConf 2014 – Even If You Didn’t Attend

Hi there. Maybe you - just like me - didn't make it to MicroConf 2014. But that doesn't mean you (and I) can't learn a lot of things from MicroConf 2014. There was so much talk on Twitter (#MicroConf) and so much to learn from it. I'll start … [Continue reading]

8 Micropreneurs share their best business lesson of 2013


2013 has been an amazing year for me. Never before have I learned that much about running a business. I've learned most of what I now know from a bunch of amazingly successful micropreneurs who I now consider my friends. I asked a few of them to … [Continue reading]

How I Made The World A Little Bit Better In 2013

I planned on going for a more general title like "This Was My Year 2013", but then Brennan Dunn went forward with a very audacious "How I Changed The World In 2013". I'm in no-way even close to what Brennan achieved with his business, so I won't … [Continue reading]

Patrick McKenzie (Patio11) Newsletter Archive

Patrick McKenzie (Patio11) is giving out great advice in his newsletters (You probably knew that part already). But did you ever end up in the situation where you thought "Damn it! Patrick wrote about that topic a while back.. now where is that … [Continue reading]

Rob Walling: How to 10x in 15 months – MicroConf Europe 2013

The MicroConf Europe 2013 Hub Page with all the information can be found here Speaker: Rob Walling (@robwalling) Things you'll learn Inside story of a small acquisition specific steps taken to grow it How to apply what you've learned to new … [Continue reading]

Dave Collins: SEO Demystified: Practical Techniques That Produce Astonishing Results – MicroConf Europe 2013

The MicroConf Europe 2013 Hub Page with all the information can be found here Speaker: Dave Collins (@thedavecollins) Also see the notes on the talk from MicroConf in Las Vegas SEO 70% 60% 50% of SEO is simple! SEO is dead - but Dave Collins … [Continue reading]