Ultimate Badass List of Productized Consulting Services

If you are looking to outsource specific parts of your business, you’ve come to the right place.

Productized consulting services allow you to outsource parts of your business without getting caught up in the hiring process.

I’m trying to provide you (and me) with a good overview of what is available online. If you find something missing here, please tell me: christoph@linksspy.com

The User is Drunk

Ever heard that your website should be so simple that a drunk user can use it? Richard Littauer, an UX designer, offers to be that drunk user for your website – complete with video.

The User is my Mom

Think a drunk UX expert is the worst challenge you can put your website through? You’re wrong. There’s one thing worse than that: Your mom. Here you can hire someone else’s Mom to torture your website.


Complete management of your blog – from setup to content creation to content promotion – starting from $99 for the blog setup to $109/mo for the complete management package.

Podcast Motor

PodcastMotor offers three tiers:

  • the concierge service (editing, publication, social media, show notes, etc) for $495/mo
  • setup of your podcast (hosting, feed, cover art, etc) for $150
  • episode editing for $50/episode

I’ve personally tried the episode editing and the results were good.


CastingWords is a transcription service for your audio/video files. Prices start at $1 per minute of recording. They send you the transcription in HTML, MS Word and plain text and also offer different ways of integration with Dropbox, Zapier and more.


PostPolished offers editing services for your content. Prices start at $39 for a one-time editing task or $139/mo for 1 blog.


Ghost writing for your blog. Prices start at $40 per post. Good quality and they come up with their own topics to write about. They also publish the post to your WordPress blog (if given access) – very easy to use


The folks at OptimizedPrime create lead magnets for you. Lead magnets help you convert more visitors into email subscribers. Prices start at $49/mo for 1 lead magnet


This productized service creates custom animated GIFs to go along with your content. Pricing starts at $49/mo for 1 GIF per week.


Productized WordPress support (backups, security updates and small jobs) makes it much easier to host your own blog.


WPNexus is offering a productized service similar to WPCurve but at a lower price point


Want a WPCurve-like service but don’t run WordPress? Well if you’re using Drupal there’s help for you: DrupalAid is productized Drupal Support – starting from $99/mo


WooGuru.net is a productized support service for WooCommerce.

Rocking Book Covers

A productized design service for book covers; both eBook and print.

Draft Revise & Draft Coaching

Nick Disabato is an UX / split testing expert and offers a monthly ongoing A/B testing service. Additionally you can hire him to help you grow your freelancing business.

My Content Sherpa

Philip Morgan’s „My Content Sherpa“ not only creates a content strategy for you, but also executes it.


Productized book-keeping service that starts at $135/mo


Kudu is a productized AdWords account management service – starting at $399/mo


Kai Davis is an outreach marketer who specializes in helping eCommerce websites get more traffic to their website. Prices start at $749 for the „digital outreach plan“


Undullify offers unlimited design jobs (small jobs taking less than 30 minutes) for $69/mo.

Design Possum

Unlimited graphics and small design jobs for a flat fee – starting at $89.

Landing Page In A Day

Landing page in a day does exactly what the name implies: You get one landing page designed in 24 hours.


My friend Jane Portman is an amazing designer and you can hire her to give monthly creative directions to your designers.

Snap by Copyhackers

The folks over at Copyhackers offer a productized copy-writing service – either one-off or monthly recurring. A bit pricey, but they are regarded as world-class copywriters.


LittleAds helps you by crafting the copy for your Facebook ads ($65/mo) or even setting up and managing your Facebook ad campaigns ($495/mo)

Calibrate Rapid

Calibrate Rapid by Nathan Powell is a one-off report with actionable design improvements to increase your website’s conversion rate. Priced at $920.


AudienceOps offers the creation and execution of your content marketing strategy. Starts at $950/mo


RecapMail keeps your existing mailing list warm and engaged. Starts at $79/mo


This service sets up your drip email campaigns with GetDrip.com for you. I personally love, love, love GetDrip.com and this makes using it even easier. Wish I had come up with that idea. Prices start at $500


This productized service helps you generate more revenue with your Shopify store. They do walkthroughs of your store and dissect the user experience of your shop.
Additionally, they also offer Shopify SEO packages starting at $894

Black Light

Conversion Optimization services for membership websites. Prices start at $750


WordPress website setup and launch done in just one day. Priced at $999

Here comes the Airplane

OK… I’m not going to say anything about the name. If you live in the Bay Area this offer takes care of your meals. You sign up for a year and they deliver a fixed amount of meals per month to you. I just hope it’s not as bad as most airlines‘ food.

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